Bankable wind and energy yield report

GEO-NET has been accredited for many years by the DAkkS in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for the "estimation of wind potential and energy yields of wind energy plants" as a test laboratory

In accordance with all national and international technical directives and standards (FGW TR6 etc.), we will provide you with bankable wind and energy yield assessments as an essential basis for the financing of your wind energy project.


Since our foundation, we have intentionally abstained from standard procedures, but exclusively use the mesoscale model FITNAH-3D for the calculation of wind fields. FITNAH-3D is applicable worldwide, is subject to a continuous improvement process and is suited best to produce plausible results even for complicated and forest sites. The wind field is always verified with the wind measurement conducted beforehand and/or energy yields of existing wind energy plants. Only after this step energy yield calculations are carried out for your planned turbine type at the selected sites. The range of our services also includes: the calculation of reduced yields for operation restrictions, such as throttling or occasional switching off of the WEA on the basis of noise or shadow-casting restrictions, sector management, icing or for the protection of birds and bats.


The survey is rounded off by an expert evaluation of the results with a view to the profit forecast and respective uncertainty analysis. This provides you with reports which are fully bankable.