PART 3 - Long-term correction

Long-term Correction done in the pre-construction energy yield report carried a considerable source of uncertainties caused by:


  • Short period of wind measurement campaign (less than 10% of the operational phase)
  • Theoretical turbine power curve (calculations based on ideal operational conditions)
  • Spatial transfer of wind conditions from the measurement mast to each planned turbine location


A completely new energy yield estimation with much more sources of information is recommended to reduce uncertainties in long-term correction. Regarding the new energy yield estimation, one of the data sources is the historic real performance already done in PART 2.


The other data source is the new measurement wind data acquired in the period of construction of the wind farm until now, which can more than double the total period of measurement. This means that the more historic wind information you get, the less uncertainties in the long-term correction you have.




Regularly update the energy yield estimation to ensure a realistic financial planning!


At this far we have enough information to reach a complete wind farm assessment, click here for the Bankable Operational Energy Yield Assessment.